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How we use the internet today is a mess. DMs full of links and messages that don't make sense the next day. Blurred days full of video calls full of forgotten context. A million tabs begging for our attention. The more time we spend in this maze, the more it feels like we're drowning.

These are all side effects of how the internet has far outpaced the tools we use to interact with them, and it's limiting the promise for what the internet can become. It's no longer fun or magical, but using the web is supposed to be! We're here to tell you it's not your fault, and that it's time to trade in that surfboard for something new.

At Sail, we empower everyone to experience the web with each other.

The internet is a beautiful, creative, and diverse universe we created together, built on the principle that we're all in the same boat. From planning that next adventure, writing and reviewing the next world changing paper, to designing rockets to take us to Mars, we need each other!

Everyone should have the power to decide what the web means to them and what they want to do with it. We're presenting a clean, thoughtful, and powerful window worthy of what the internet is and where it's going. A tool worthy of you, and everything we can achieve together.

Don't surf, sail.